Sit&Go $5 ... QQ vs 62s

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Sit&Go $5 ... QQ vs 62s

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Hand # 2313541288 starting - 2008-12-14 16:50:50
6-Handed Hustle 2383831 :Table 1 Sit & Go Hold 'em (70.00|140.00 NL - MTT) Real Money

markymark80 sitting in seat 1 with 2615.00 Dealer
Kondai sitting in seat 2 with 1300.00
edvard10 sitting in seat 4 with 2415.00
Freggx sitting in seat 5 with 2355.00
Greneaa sitting in seat 6 with 3315.00 Sitting out
Hero posted the small blind - 35.00
edvard10 posted the big blind - 70.00

Dealing cards to Hero

Freggx folded
Greneaa folded
markymark80 called - 70.00
Hero raised to 140.00
edvard10 folded
markymark80 called - 140.00


Hero checked
markymark80 checked


Hero checked
markymark80 bet - 70.00
Hero called - 70.00


Hero bet - 200.00
markymark80 raised to 1090.00
Hero folded
Hero folded and shows

Hero folded
Hero shows

Hero > nh
markymark80 shows

markymark80 wins 1780.00 from the main pot
Comment : I think I play this fine .. what the odd that villian will got runner runner straight?.. at the turn he semi-bluff me 70 chips, if he miss the river and I bet he may shove here to bluff me.
I think even I bet hard he may not fold too, because if he really tight he folded it to my raise at preflop, I'm sure he will call on the flush draw at flop. at least I lay down right time. Smile


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Re: Sit&Go $5 ... QQ vs 62s

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